Statement of solidarity

The Republics of Lithuania and Poland strongly condemn the recent attempts by extremist groups to disrupt the public order of the Republic of Belarus through sabotage to the Gazprom facilities. In the Council Declaration earlier today, Lithuania, Poland and all EU partners unanimously spoke out in favour of a peaceful resolution of the recent tensions, and the Lithuanian and Polish Prime Ministers emphasise that these acts of terrorism must not hinder recent attempts to improve the stability, peace and security of the whole region.

We are glad that the Gazprom administration is not taking any risks and support the announced full-scale technical assessment of the situation. We offer Gazprom our full assistance should they require our help in repairing this very unfortunate supply disruption.

In addition, Lithuania and Poland urge their European Partners to provide the emergency energy assistance guaranteed in the unanimous Declaration on Belarus earlier today. A “Situation of Extraordinary Danger” will not need to be declared, as under the current provisions the military and economic security of the Lithuanian and Polish people is fully ensured.

Lithuania and Poland both reiterate their wish to reach out to our Russian neighbour in solving the current situation, and hope that these technical difficulties will not cause too much damage to its economic standing.


One Response to Statement of solidarity

  1. Seraga says:

    The Russian Delegation highly appreciates the understanding and support offered by Lithuania and Poland with respect to the technical problems concerning the gas pipelines in Belarus. Nevertheless, we would like to state that Gazrpom corporation has all needed technical and logistic capabilities to deal with the problem and express its hope that by the time we solve the problems our Lithuanian and Polish colleagues will not become frozen statues.

    Yours sincerely,


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