Formal Dress or Formal Mess?

In the halls of the Natolin Council meeting there has been lots of talk about what is appropriate formal dress.  First and foremost jeans are in no way, shape or form formal!  Buy a suit!  Preferably one not made of courdoroy.  Low cut, backless and sleveless shirts have no place in a formal meeting either.  There is also one journalist who has been seen numerous times wearing white socks with black shoes.  I would like to remind this unnamed journalist that it is not 1981 and that he is not Michael Jackson.  The German opposition leader has been spotted wearing brown basket weave shoes with a grey suit.  Quite the no-no, if I don’t say so myself. 

However, there have been some notable exceptions to this formal mess.  I would like to commend the UK foreign minister for his impecible suits and color combinations.  Jolly good!  Quite a few people could learn from you, good sir! 

Mr. Blackwell


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