“Hard” meeting???

March 9, 2007

poland-096.jpgWhat are doing the Italian MFA, the MF of Sweden and the British PM together during a VERY VERY VERY informal meeting???!!! We do not think that they were discussing finance, defence or constitutional issues… Of course not! Especially with a breast-bag in the hands!


Extreme make-over no.2

March 8, 2007

douwe-after-jpeg.jpg        douwe-after.jpg

before – fat                               now: hot as hell!

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Angel Moratinos decides to improve his health status, and went to Natolin for an extensive sports and wellness treatment. He wanted to get rid of his little tummy, and decided to get hair extensions. We saw him playing football with Sarko already (see “Sarko – il a frappé”) and here he clearly adopted the healthy eating habits. No more caviar for Miguel – viva la banana!

Extreme make-over no.1

March 8, 2007

angela-before-i.jpg angela-after.jpg

The difference between before – a bit shy and boring clothes – now – hot and ambitious!

Angela Merkel changed extensively ever since she became chancellor. It is very clear that she likes and enjoys the position, and is good at it too! The first picture on the left is Angie the month before she became chancellor. She lacks a good stylist and hairdresser. But look what a difference now, almost a year and a half later! Angie shows off her beautiful black slightly curled hair, dresses well and feels comfortable in her role.

Way to go, Angie!

Massive boasting of Marijnissen (NL)

March 7, 2007

A little birdy heard the Dutch opposition horn blowing bluntly in the corridors of the negotiation room the other day. Talking to Swedish opposition leader Persson, Marijnissen boasted that “Prime Minister Balkenende has no power” and “the opposition leaders could easily squish them – if only they were allowed to speak in the meetings“. He also trumpetted that Balkenende was shaking in his pants from the opposition.

Is this merely big talk or is this a genuine threat? We’ll see how the Netherlands, and in particular Balkenende performs at the GAERC meeting later today. EU News keeps you updated 24/7.

SoreThroat & Dudett

Important communication: Dudett’s birthday!

March 7, 2007

Our dear Dudett during a formal meeting in Bruges in DecemberToday is a very special day: Dudett, one of the most crucial and best loved members of the EU press team turns 23!!! Early this morning, when the sun rose, a select few important representatives went to the bedroom of her luxurious villa for an official surprise…among them HR/SG Mr. Solana in his pijamas, accompanied by Prime Ministers in flip-flops sang “happy birthday” to our dear Dudett. In the breakfast room of her hollywood inspired mansion cakes and precious gifts were waiting for her. Some sources have claimed that it was a wedding ring from an anonimous admirer…we will se how our gorgeous Dudett will celebrate her birthday, and particularly with whom!!!

mamma mia!

March 6, 2007

After dinner there appeared to be some fuss in the Italian team. The Finance Minister was clearly disagreeing with Prime Minister Prodi on the negotiation strategy – and both were shouting it out in the office of the Russian Delegation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs looked at it but could not do much to calm the situation.

EU News found also out that the Italian Delegation did not follow the official government’s line. In fact, it did not respect this line at all. This meant that they had to revise their position on certain topics – while other countries waited impatiently to hear their view. “The Italian proposal contained a lot of bold language like ‘we are extensively against (…)’ and that surprised all member-states” a diplomat said anonimously. “They really lost time and credibility” he said.

After some internal talks, the Delegation put its position in line with the official one. We’re curious on how they will perform tomorrow in the negotiations.