“Amore mio”

March 8, 2007

Egregio Direttore di questo prestigiosissimo Giornale, La prego voler pubblicare questa mia: 

Mia dolce e soave dea della fertilita’,

Appearances can sometimes be as deceiving as the communist ideology … Conquering your heart has been the greatest achievement of my life so far and it will remain so forever. What would I be without your love, mia rugiada del mattino?

Believing that any communist led conspiracy could take us away from each other is simply foolish. Ill intentioned paparazzi have tried to do so on numerous times … ma che cazzo vogliono! No one knows better than you how irreplaceable you are to me. Still, mia puledra selvaggia, I feel the need to publicly beg for your forgiveness since the rumor came to my ears that my behavior, during my professional activities, may have hurt your feelings and dignity. Be sure that I’ll show you all my love, starting on tonight.

Tuo desideroso Silvio


Will the Greek PM keep its word?

March 8, 2007

Update on Greece:

Greece found itself isolated during the morning session of GAERC as it objected to the separate adoption of proposal 9 from proposal 10. However, Mr. Karamanlis reassures us that although Greece is willing to consider a concession, he will not compromise the country’s national interests. At the same time, he declares his determination to fight hard in terms of the financial aspect of the Presidency’s proposal and asks the other MS “to put money where the mouth is” for an effective solution. As for the Belarus Declaration, despite initial objection, the Greek government accepted it in spirit of solidarity and now expects to see similar actions of good will on the issues of the EU Security Fund and Kosovo. The government’s capacity is put into test in Natolin only one year before national elections take place.

Statement of solidarity

March 8, 2007

The Republics of Lithuania and Poland strongly condemn the recent attempts by extremist groups to disrupt the public order of the Republic of Belarus through sabotage to the Gazprom facilities. In the Council Declaration earlier today, Lithuania, Poland and all EU partners unanimously spoke out in favour of a peaceful resolution of the recent tensions, and the Lithuanian and Polish Prime Ministers emphasise that these acts of terrorism must not hinder recent attempts to improve the stability, peace and security of the whole region.

We are glad that the Gazprom administration is not taking any risks and support the announced full-scale technical assessment of the situation. We offer Gazprom our full assistance should they require our help in repairing this very unfortunate supply disruption.

In addition, Lithuania and Poland urge their European Partners to provide the emergency energy assistance guaranteed in the unanimous Declaration on Belarus earlier today. A “Situation of Extraordinary Danger” will not need to be declared, as under the current provisions the military and economic security of the Lithuanian and Polish people is fully ensured.

Lithuania and Poland both reiterate their wish to reach out to our Russian neighbour in solving the current situation, and hope that these technical difficulties will not cause too much damage to its economic standing.

Brownie, think twice!

March 8, 2007

Press release from the UK OL:

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party warns: “The EU Presidency has been very courageous when it suggested the creation of a European Security Fund asking for an ‘extraordinary defence spending of an additional 3-5% of their current defence expenditure’ and the Establishment of a European Defence College funded by this fund. Before any agreement in the European Council that would entail new expenses, British Government must consider British citizens and UK budget fragility. UK Government should not be mistaken: British citizens have already showed solidarity with their fellows and committed money and human capabilities for the common security. Furthermore, the record public deficit of 42.2% in 2006 brought by the urgent improvements needed in the deplorable education, health and transport services have already brought higher taxes for the citizen. Under no circumstances should a compromise on this be accepted!”

Do the Dutch know what they are doing?

March 8, 2007

We can doubt it, after what just happened during the EcoFin meeting. The Dutch Finance Minister was presenting a proposal drafted mainly by the UK on a new financial package. At the last minute, Jan Peter Balkenende introduced a “ESDP Institutional Strenghtening Fund”, and therefore tasked Wouter Bos with presenting the whole package – without approval from David Miliband. When Bos clearly could not explain the details of the package, he asked for a recess, which was accepted by the Presidency.

This gesture is unacceptable and ridiculous. If a Minister is defending a proposal, it seems normal for him/her to understand the details of it. If he/she cannot, the proposal must be retired, introduced by somebody more capable, or the minister should be better prepared.

Senior European diplomats consulted are publicly very annoyed. This does not bode well for the remainder of negotiations – and we have just started.

Extreme makeover no. 4

March 8, 2007

sojerii.jpg Solana at desk twice! sojeri.jpg

Solana is visibly better after a stay in hospital. He lives his second youth appearantly, with the eye-operation and hair-colouring. His style is also vivid, strict and disciplined, and he definitely fulfills and fullfilled the role of HR! Keep on doing the good work!

A quote from ECOFIN

March 8, 2007

“(…) I just wonder why Spain does not consider NATO as a serious organisation?”

Lithuanian Minister of Finance – 18:29 ECOFIN