“GAERC a success ?”

Some insider sources tell us to expect a swift GAERC meeting – most institutional points have been agreed to, and it’s simply a question of formally voting them.
Now, it’s over to the hard part – the financial points.  These same sources indicate that some Mediterranean countries are acting “rather selfishly”, but that the German financial proposal stands, and that should be final.  “If somebody wants to come up with something creative, fine, but that should be based on the Presidency programme”, say our sources.


One Response to “GAERC a success ?”

  1. Private Eye says:

    Our German Presidency sources tell us to drop the question mark in the title, as “the 14 institutional points are guaranteed to pass.” Wait and see, but several other countries tell us to expect this.

    As to the financial points, “the Presidency proposal is the only one which everybody seems to agree to, and one which is balanced, and forward-looking”.

    Some OLs tell us they are able to agree to this too, as they have gotten strong commitments from their governments to come up with a financially solvent plan.

    This might actually be a success … Let’s wait for the printer to work and for meetings to start to make our own opinions … Stick around

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